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Pinkerton is expanding the world’s most reliable global security network and are seeking the most experienced, professional and vigilant vendors to become Global Alliance Members.

The Pinkerton Mission

Pinkerton’s Mission is to protect and create value for our clients by providing superior, intelligence-driven global risk management services. In pursuing this Mission, Pinkerton will set the definitive standards of quality and value for our clients and the security industry, while ensuring a culture of trust, equal opportunity, teamwork, respect, accountability and open communication.

Our Approach

For more than 160 years, Pinkerton has been a pioneer in risk management. Today, we our data-driven methodology that utilizes advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, leads the industry in identifying, forecasting, and mitigating risk.

Our Comprehensive Services offering provides “brains-to-boots” solutions that address long-term, strategic risk management planning while also mitigating of-the-moment issues. The result is that our clients’ short-term risks are controlled while we work with their teams using our Applied Risk Science approach to create a total risk profile and forecast the impact other risks could have on their operations long-term.


In pursuing our mission, Pinkerton is committed to growing our team of global specialists and expanding our reach in all areas of risk management.

Your areas of specialty and expertise are valuable assets of the Pinkerton Vigilance™ Network. Your work as a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member will provide opportunities to help fulfill our mission of providing clients and our communities with reliable, best-in-class global risk management services.

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