Managing Your Profile

Use your profile to optimize your business opportunities. We search our Pinkerton Global Alliance Member database for specialization, location, and availability. Keep your profile up-to-date to ensure sure your profile rises to the top giving us every reason to call you first.


Do you have years of experience in criminal investigations? Are you a licensed firearms expert? Do you have access to specialized surveillance equipment? Investing the time to ensure that these details are accurate, complete, and up to date will help our agents find the right person for the job. A complete Pinkerton Global Alliance Member profile will help you gain the best exposure for more opportunities.


Your profile will have a place for you to identify when you’re not available for work. Additionally, you can identify other dates when you have scheduled events, including work, vacation, and other conflicts. The more availability information you put into your profile, the easier it is for us to identify the best fit to match the client needs and schedule. We want to call you only when you are available, not when you have to turn down opportunities. Our goal is to work with our Pinkerton Global Alliance Members to find the best provider to protect our clients when and where they need us.


Pinkerton takes your security and privacy seriously. Your profile information will not be shared with your competitors. It will not be shared with advertisers.

Create a “Can’t Miss” Profile

Your profile is the key to obtaining opportunities as a Pinkerton Partner. Bottom line: the more accurate and complete your profile, the more opportunities you will receive. Here are some tips for creating a top-notch profile:

Just like building any professional profile, (e.g. LinkedIn) detailed skills, expertise, and specialties are important to demonstrate verifiable truths. Be sure to list any equipment or weaponry skills. Be accurate in your assessment of expertise level. While your profile will get you the phone call for work opportunities, premium service delivery will build your reputation.

Keep your availability current. When Pinkerton offices search for members to work with, profiles that have been updated recently and have accurate availability information rise to the top. Oftentimes, work opportunities come with little or no notice. We want to know we can count on you when you say you’re available. Every second counts when our clients need immediate response – keeping an updated profile allows us to call on our resources we know we can rely on anytime or anywhere.

Make yourself easily reachable. Be sure to keep your contact information updated at all times. Make sure any changes in your contract information are updated as soon as possible in your profile.

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