Become A Certified Pinkerton Vendor


Gain Instant Access to New Opportunities

As a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will become a member of our elite client-facing vendor network with the opportunity to work with Pinkerton clients and assist with providing best-in-class services across the globe.

You will also gain access to information, resources and experts around the world, helping you to perform better, no matter the job. If you want to expand your client reach and earn more work, a Pinkerton Global Alliance Membership is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Pinkerton Global Alliance Member Benefits

As a trusted Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will be able to circumvent the traditional agencies by promoting your skills and specialties directly to important decision makers for new work. Additional benefits include:

A Personalized Profile

Once you are accepted as a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you can set up a personalized profile that highlights your specialization, skills, background and contact information for Pinkerton directors and clients to view. You can continually update your profile—keeping it up-to-date and as robust as possible.

Access to Global Resources

As a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will become an approved vendor with direct access to Pinkerton directors, as well as their global resources and best-in-class security knowledge around the world. This visibility will move you to the top of the list for new business opportunities, and give you resources that will expand your professional performance.

Becoming Part of Pinkerton’s Mission

Pinkerton is seeking the best and brightest in the industry to join us in our mission to protect and create value for our clients by providing superior, intelligence-driven global risk management services. By becoming a Global Alliance Member, you will be joining us on this mission.

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