Become A Certified Pinkerton Vendor


Expand Your Services as A Global Alliance Member

Pinkerton’s Comprehensive Services offering relies on our team of risk management professionals and a well-vetted core of vendors that helps us deliver best-in-class performance across the globe. Becoming a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member (GAM) means you are part of an elite, client-facing network, providing valuable expertise to the world’s leading companies.

GAM vendors gain access to Pinkerton’s data, analysis, resources, tools and experts so that they can complete mission-critical tasks at the same high service level our clients require. Pinkerton’s GAM presents a unique opportunity for you to expand your regional, national and international exposure and earn more advanced assignments.

Why Become a Global Alliance Member?

As a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will be part a of our elite client-facing vendor network, work with Pinkerton clients, and assist with providing best-in-class services across the globe.

You will also gain access to information, resources and experts around the world, helping you to perform better, no matter the job. If you want to expand your client reach and earn more work, a Pinkerton Global Alliance Membership is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Pinkerton Global Alliance Member Benefits

As a trusted Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will be able to circumvent the traditional agencies by promoting your skills and specialties directly to important decision makers for new work. Additional benefits include:

Preferred Vendor Status

When a call for work comes in in your area, we’ll come to you first. Helping you to build your client reach and earn more work.

Access to Global Resources

As a Pinkerton Global Alliance Member, you will become an approved vendor with direct access to Pinkerton directors, as well as their global resources and best-in-class security knowledge around the world.

Expedited Invoice Processing

Our newly built online portal provides improved accuracy, thereby expediting invoice processing, which results in your agency getting paid faster.